Shoot Reports







September 2nd 2018

Warwickshire & Leicestershire Helice County Championship

A beautiful warm sunny day for the championship, great to see two of our juniors battling it out for the top spot.

After shoot off

Ben Killian Colt & Warwickshire County Champion 20 x 3 x 3

Ben Dingley Junior Warwickshire County Champion 20 x 3 x 2

Wayne Killian Senior Warwickshire County Champion 19 x 24

Anthony Evans Veteran Warwickshire County Champion 18 x 24


Leicester & Rutland County Championship

County & Veteran Champion

Tony Cox 10 x 24

Senior, Junior & ladies entries

High Gun Stuart King 22 x 24

Donovan Jenkin 20 x 24

Really good scores by many shooters. It's great to see our younger shooters

promoting our sport in such a positive manner, we need to encourage these youngsters

in every way we can, they are the future of the sport. 

warwiskshire helice



shoot report sep








Many thanks to all our shooters for continued support of our club, Happy Shooting!



August 19th 2018

Staffordshire, Leicester & Rutland County Championship

A good day for shooting clays warm if a little breezy at times.

We had some good shooting from quite a few. With an entry of  10 squads in all. 

  A great turn out  from our ABT shooters well done to you all.

Leics & Rutland County & Veteran Champion: Kevin Borley 97 x 100

Senior Champion: David Wright 95 x 100

No ladies or juniors entered


Staffordshire County Champion: Adam Gutterridge 97 x 100

Ladies Champion: Gill Grealey: 73 x 100

Veteran Champion: Ray Sutton 94 x 100

No junior entries 

Full scores

aug abt 18 first     aug abt 18 1

We would like to thank all our shooters for your continued support of our club, it is very much appreciated

Wednesday midweek practise UT & ABT from 11.00am

Next shoot: September 2nd (rescheduled) Helice Warwickshire, Leicestshire & Rutland Championships

Please text 07770551491 or email [email protected] Entries by 12 noon Friday August 31st prefered




August 5th 2018

East Midlands Area UT Championship

A good entry on a very hot day, 8 squads and nice to see new and old faces. Some good shooting by all, especially

Phil Rowley taking the area championship with a 97 x 100.

Area and Veteran: Champion  Phil Rowley 97 x 100

Silver Medal: David Wright 96 + 25

Shoot off for Bronze: Kevin Borley 96 + 23 + 25 single barrel + 3

4th Jack Wilkinson: 96 + 23 + 25 single barrel + 2

Ladies Champion: Jackie Houghton 89 x 100

Silver Medal: Anne Phillips 82 x 100

Bronze Medal: Sarah Christianson 75 x 100


group shoot pic

  We appreciate your continued support of our shooting ground. 


July 22nd 2018

Warwickshire County ABT Championship

Another lovely hot day, this must be a record so many sunny shooting days.

County Champion: JJ Reilly 92 x 100 

Runner up: Cliff Ford 89 x 100

Senior Champion: Will Foundrey 87 x 100

Junior Champion: Ben Dingley 79 x 100

Ladies Champion:Denise Humphery 81 x 100

Veteran Champion: JJ Rielly 92 x 100 


22 july abt
















July 15th 2018

West Midlands & Inter Counties UT Championship

We had a great turn out for this shoot with 12 squads entering and some really good scores coming in. Congratulations to Richard Fletton on 100 straight and picking up the £100 we give for  100 straight on our ground. Very well shot Richard.

Team Results:   

 team scores 15 july 18   

scores 15 july 18























June 10th 2018


& Selection Shoot for European 2019

We were blessed with a perfect warm sunny with just a little breeze to make it even more entertaining for the 53 contestants!

UK Helice Champion: Trevor Hawkins after a 3 way shoot of with Peter croft

and Phil Negus.

Junior Champion: Ben Dingley 22 x 24

Silver: Ben Killian 20 x 24

Bronze: Jensen King 18 x 24

 Ladies Champion: Sophie Lienard 21 x 24

Silver: Jane Bell 20 x 24 after shoot off with

Bronze: Jo Watson-Hopkins 20 x 24

 Mens Champion: Trevor Hawkins 23 x 24

Silver: Phil Negus 23 x 24

Bronze: Kevin Tyler 22 x 24

 Senior Champion: Carl Miles 22 x 24 after shoot off with

Silver: Steve Cole 22 x 24

Bronze: Bob Arnold 22 x 24

 Super Veteran: Peter Croft 23 x 24

Silver: Jack Sparrowhawk 22 x 24

Bronze: Howard Batt 21 x 24

 Master:John Nightingale 16 x 24

Silver: Geof Tyler 11 x 24 



















Many thanks to Keith, Trevor, Marcus and Gareth for all your hard work in making this event such a great success, these events take a lot of organising both on the day and leading up to them. And to the shooters our  appreciation in supporting our shooting ground  and also for the shooters who help at the end of the shoots, we really do appreciate the time and effort particularly at the end of a long and busy day. 

May 28th 2018

100 ABT

48 entries for todays shoot

High Gun: Kevin Borley 98 x 100

Pushed all the way by Graham Wainwright 96 x 100 Great shooting lads.

Young Will Gilbert personal best ABT score 96 x 100 great shooting Will.

Craft Project 1

Your support of our shooting ground is very appreciated



May 20th 2018

Oxford Shropshire & Staffordshire HELICE Championship

A perfect day for it, lots of sunshine a gentle breeze made it a day for big scores

 HIGH GUN: Ben Dingley 24 x 24 absolutely fantastic shooting Ben , very well done



Veteran Champion: K W Durrant 16 x 24

Junior Champion: Connor Durrant 11 x 24

SHROPSHIRE COUNTY HELICE CHAMPION: Alan Rowley 22 + 6 after shoot off with Lady Champion Jess Moore 22 + 3

No entry from Shropshire

Craft Project 1

Our thanks to shooters for your support of the shooting ground. 



May 6th 2018

Leicester & Rutland County UT Championship

County Champion Kevin Borley 98 x 100

High Gun Graham Wainwright 99 x 100

Brilliant shooting on a perfect shooting day and the £100 for 100 straight lives a little longer!

Car park and walkways to all three layouts tarmac now completed , this will make it so much easier for our wheelchair bound friends . Many thanks to Galliford try for a job well done even included white lining for car spaces.


.facebook_1531676134324  KEVIN BORLEY


    New car park

Many thanks to all our shooters for your continued support of our shooting ground, hopefully see you at out next shoot



April 29th 2018

Final of Express Helice Winter Series

Thanks to all for braving such a bitterly cold & windy day....oh when will the sun come back! We have been pleased with the first winter series for Helice and good to see new shooters enjoying this exciting discipline. 

Express High Gun Winter Series winner: Tim Rickard

Huge Congratulations Tim and great constant shooting particularly over the winter when conditions were testing.

Joint 2nd Andy Stratford & Alisdair Williams  Great shooting Andy & Alisdair.


Todays Results:

Joint High Gun: Tim Rickard & Alisdair Williams 23 x 24   

3rd Ben Killian 22 x 24

Many thanks to all shooters for your continued support and thank you to all for picking up and helping to clear up at end of play, this is always very much appreciated. Hopefully we will have some nice warm weather for our next shoot!

FB_IMG_1525075528072 FB_IMG_1525075438827


April 15th 2018

BICTSF Helice Selection Shoot

Another big entry - 9 squads, thanks to all for taking part. Our apologies for the technical problem on B layout which prevented traps 3&4 from working, this has now been resolved.

Many thanks to all who helped in picking up spent / broken targets and helping clear up at the end of the competition, this help from you all is VERY much appreciated.


Thanks to Ray & James Sutton Grasslands Turf & Landscapes for the great job of erecting the two safety fences, they worked in pretty appalling wet conditions!

High Gun: Alasdair Williams 24 x 24 very impressive shooting Alasdair, hot on his heels was  Kevin Tyler 23 x 24 and then three shooters on 22 x 24 R Cadey, M Iddon and A Stratton.

Really good scores by many shooters, so well done to you all.

Shoot report

Once again our appreciation for a great turn out and for supporting our shooting ground. Grateful thanks to Keith, Trevor, Marcus and Gareth for all their very hard work.  Also all the shooters  who helped on the day and last be not least for the lovely messages that were sent to me personally, one in particular was really touching and it's so nice to know that people appreciate what I try to give to the sport. 



April 8th 2018


Well what a fantastic turn out with 14 squads. Good to see new faces and especially the Juniors and all 7 West Midlands Counties entering the Team shoot.

Area ABT Champion: Ray Sutton 98 + 24 + 2 ...very well done Ray

Top Team: Hereford & Worcester

Junior Champion: Rebecca Ferguson

Ladies Champion: Jo Allen

Veteran Champion: Ray Sutton

1 abt intercounties  2 abt intercounties

3 abt intercounties



Congratulations to you all on some fantastic shooting

Many thanks to all shooters for a great turn out and also grateful thanks to Keith, Trevor and Fletcher Watson for all your help, very much appreciated.


April 1st 2018

Derbyshire UT Championship

Well done Paul Insley winning the Championship with 90x100

Joint High Guns:

Kevin Borley & Jimmy Kyriakou 96x100 ...good shooting lads.

Derbyshire ut countiesderby county ut

Our many thanks for supporting our shoot, we really do appreciate it.                                                                                                                                                                   

March 25th 2018


Due to A1 not being able to hold this shoot we were asked to incorporated it with our planned Helice Shoot and what a fantastic day it was, warm sunshine such a welcome change from all the cold wet days we have had of late. A great turnout with  64 entries for the 1st selection shoot to chase team places for the European Helice Championship in Bologna, Italy June 22/25th. Fantastic  to see  lots of new faces especially Juniors, it would seem that shotgun shooting best kept secret HELICE formerly know as ZZ has come out of hiding and that is great news.

Some good shooting with

High Gun Marcus Iddon 23x24   .. great shooting Marcus!

Several shooters chasing Marcus on 22x24 see below

Helice sel

Page 2 helice sel

We would like to thank all shooters for continuing to support our club and also to Trevor, Marcus and Gareth for all your hard work in making the shoot run smoothly and  for all the lovely comments sent to me and on social media, we really appreciate them.

March 11th 2018

Final Lyvale Express UT Winter Series

Express UT Winter Series Final was a much improve day weather wise after the appalling conditions in the 4th.

Good scoring all round with:

High Gun on the day Dick Fletton 96x100

Many thanks to our generous sponsors for once again supporting the club in our Winter Series and to the many shooters who have turned out in all weathers to shoot.

                              Winter series photo


winter series results   Ut winter cropped

Look forward to seeing you all ... hopefully some nice warm summer days, good shooting!




Please note: Due to heavy snowfall

 at the shooting ground

Sunday March 4th UT cancelled



february 25th 2018

Lyvale Express Helice Winter Series

Well the day certainly lived up to the title, it was very much winter, in fact I don't think we have ever had a colder day at Rugby in the 30 years we have shot there. Although it was bright sunshine there was a freezing cold easterly wind blowing straight into the faces of the four squads that had braved the day. The upside of the wind was targets were climbing high then being carried back on the wind away from the perimeter fence.

We had some excellent shooting with a 24x24 taking high gun and some good scores all round considering the arctic conditions.

High Gun: Pete Farrell 24 x 24 ...well shot Pete

Joint 2nd Waine Killan & Mike Megison 23 x 24 good shooting lads

Helice feb 25

Many thanks to all the shooters for supporting us and my thanks to Keith, Trevor, Marcus and Gareth for all your hard work it is very much appreciated. Lets hope spring arrives soon!



February 18th 2918

Lyvale Express ABT Winter Series 4th of 5 shoots results:

Weather much better for shooting, slight breeze at times but not as cold. We had 7 squads enter, many thanks to all for supporting our winter series.

High Gun: 'Mr Park Farm Shooting' Phil Sanders 96 x 100

2nd RJ Sutton 95 x 100

Joint 3rd R Allen & N Watson 94 x 100

Good shooting lads!


shoot report 18th Feb

Many thanks for supporting our shoots, we really appreciate it.


Next Shoot: ABT February 18th 2018


Forthcoming fixtures


Look forward to seeing you soon.


February 4th 2018

Lyvale Express UT Winter Series

Six squads braved the bright sunny, but biting cold wind.

Joint High Gun: Graham Wainwright & John Lewis 93 x 100

3rd J Sutton 92 x 100

Good shooting lads


We appreciate your continued support of the club particulary on such cold days, roll on those lovely warm summer days.


January 28th 2018

Lyvale Express Helice Winter Series

Thanks to all for competing on a nice sunny winters day to shoot Helice , made just a bit more difficult with a strong wind pushing targets over the perimeter fence!

High Gun: Kate Grimes 18 x 24

Joint 2nd: Cliff Goodwin & Tim Jones 17 x 24

Some good shooting considering the windy conditions.


Very many thanks to all our Helice Shooters for supporting our first Helice  winter series.  

January 21st 2018

Lyvale Express ABT Winter Series

Due to the appalling weather it was decided that we would de-register the shoot. Thank you to the brave shooters that stayed to shoot thoughout such awful conditions.

 Congratulations to High Gun:

Ray Sutton 91x100  who shot the only 25 straight of the day.

2nd: J Sutton 88 x 100

3rd: W Fowdrey 80 x 100


Many thanks to all our loyal shooters who turn out in all weathers to support the club and particulary today,  one of the worst conditions for a long time!

January 7th 2018

Lyvale Express UT Winter Series

Well it certainly was a bleak mid winter day, but great to see so many brave shooters turn up to shoot.

High Gun: Nigel Caves 90 x 100 great shooting on such a cold day

JA Allen  89 x 100

R Fletton 89 x 100

Next shoot - January 21st ..... ABT -Lyvale Express Winter Series 

We appreciate your continued support for the club



January 1st 2018


happy new year club



December 31st 2017

This ABT Express cartridges Winter Series - shoot replace the cancelled shoot on December 10th. I have contacted the CPSA to have it included as a registered shoot.

High Gun: Shoot Off

Jamie Sutton 95 + 22

David Wright 95 + 21

Many thanks to you all,  we appreciate your continued support for our club and to the many new shooters who have joined us in 2017 we hope you enjoyed your shooting and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018


December 17th 2017

1st Helice Express Cartridges Winter Series

Great to see 4 squads turn out on this very chilly day, this is the first year we have run the winter series for Helice.

High Gun: Ben Dingley 22 x 24

Joint Second:W Killan and T. Rickard 21 x 24

Great shooting and good to see a junior taking high gun!

We thank Express cartridges for their sponsorship, over the years they have kindly sponsored UT and ABT winter series for us,  so we thought it would be good to do the same for Helice.

Thank for turning up and supporting our club.


December 10th

Shoot cancelled due to heavy snow at the ground, will rearrange this shoot as soon as possible


December 3rd 2017

UT Express  Cartridges Winter Series

Thank you to the 5 squads that turned out on a warmer day  than expected.

High Gun:  Richard Allen 97 x 100

Great to see Richard take the high gun £50, at one stage I had the £100 for 100 straight in the envelope ready for him, starting with 75 x 75 and with a great final score of  97x100 

As always thank you for your support of the club


November 26th 2017

Helice Cambridgeshire County Championship

Cambridgeshire County Champion: K. Flitton 20x24

Cambridgeshire County Veteran Champion: T.Jones 19x24

Cambridgeshire County Ladies Champion: M. Conway 18x24

Open Shoot

High Gun: K.Flitton 20x24

 Great to see so many shooters having a go at Helice, some that shoot other disciplines with us and others new to the club. It is great to see this exciting part of the sport expanding, if you've never tried it should it's not like any other discipline!



November 19th 2017

1st ABT - Express Cartridge Winter Series

A good bright day to shoot, bright sunshine and very little if any breeze to disturb the flight of our Corsivia clays.

High Gun: Graham Wainwright 95 x 100

We were also pleased to be able to present a cheque for £2000 to Nick Jones from Warwickshire Air Ambulance . We have raised this  money by raffles, selling books and clothing and even  some shooters giving their prize money into the a very big thank you to all you shooters that have contributed to this very worthy cause.

air amb for print

 Very many thanks for supporting the club

November 5th 2017

1st UT  - Express Cartridges Winter Series

A great day to start of our winter UT series, plenty of sunshine and not too much wind.

High Gun : Phil Rowley 94 x 100

Thank you for your continued support for the club




October 29th 2017

100 ABT

A good turn out for the ABT shoot with the weather being kind to us for late October, not too windy and sunshine all day brought out some good scores.

Joint High Gun: Darren Wood & Graham Wainwright 96 x 100

DJ Hardy: 94 x 100

Next shoot November 5th start of the UT Express Winter Series

Many thanks to all for your continued support of the club




October 22nd 2017

Helice - East Midlands / Notts/ Northants Championship

East Midlands Championship

Area Champion: Granville Hogkinson 18x24 Notts

Ladies Champion: Michelle Conway 17x24 Cambridge

Veteran Champion: Michelle Conway 17x24 Cambridge

Nottinghamshire County Championship

County Champion: Granville Hogkinson 18x24

Runner up: Adrian Snell 13x24


Many thanks for turning up on such an awful day, what felt like hurricane force winds!




October 1st 2017

West Midlands Area & Intercounties UT 

West Midlands Area Champion: Matt Panter 97 x 100

Silver: J Boulton 95 x 100

Bronze: G Stanford Iddon 94 x 100


Veteran:  J Kyriakou 93 x 100 on count back

Silver: G Wainwright 93 x 100

Bronze: R Davies 93 x 100


Ladies: Rebecca Ferguson 89 x 100

Silver: Gill Grealey 81 x 100

Bronze: Jesse Moore 80 x 100


Juniors: Rebecca Ferguson 89 x 100

Silver: Sam Sears 85 x 100

Bronze: Haydn Coley / Will Goodman 82 x 100

Correction to Gloucester team score J Burton 63

A great turn out, many thanks for your support of our club




September 17th 2017

East midlands Area UT Championships

Area Champion: RN Hufton 95x100

Senior Champion: N Watson 93x100

Silver: S Smith 91x100

Bronze: DJ Hardy 90x100


Junior Champion: J Tune 81x100

Silver: E Dixon 68x100 

Bronze: AR Thompson 57x100

Ladies Champion: M Rowley 90x100

Silver: JS Houghton 90x100

Veteran Champion: RN Houghton 95x100

Silver: K Borley  94x100

Bronze: MM Houghton  94x100

Thanks for your continued support of the club




September 10th 2017

100 ABT

Adam Gutteridge/Mick Feather and Jimmy Kyriakou all tied on 96x100 for high gun

after shoot off : Adam Gutteridge 24x25

Mick Feather 21x25

and Jimmy Kyriakou had already left the ground

Thanks again for supporting our club




September 3rd 2017

Helice - West Midlands Area & Shropshire & Derbyshire County Championships

High Gun: Marcus Iddon 23 x 24


West Midland Championship Results:

Area Champion  Marcus Iddon 23x24  Shropshire

Silver: Senior Champion Marcus Iddon 23x24  Shropshire

Silver: Andy Lloyd 20x24 Shropshire

Bronze: Brian Ward  19x24 Derbyshire


Junior Champion: Ben Dingley 15x24 Warwickshire

Silver: Sam Sears 11x24 Warwickshire


Ladies: Champion: Jess Moore 17x24 Shropshire

silver: Julie Burton 13x24 Shropshire


Veteran Champion: Gary Webster 16x24 Derbyshire

Silver: John Nightingale 13x24 Warwickshire

Shropshire County Championship

County Champion: Marcus Iddon 23x24

Runner up: Andy Lloyd 20x24

Senior Champion: Marcus Iddon 23x24

Ladies Champion: Jess Moore 17x24

Derbyshire County Championship

County Champion: Brian Ward 19x24

Runners up: Gary Webster & Simon Taylor 16x24

Senior Champion: Brian Ward 19x24

Veteran Champion: Gary Webster 16x24


Thank you to you all for supporting our club


August 27th 2017

100 ABT

A great days shooting 15 scores of 90 +  and 14 -  25 straights!

High Gun DJ Winter 98 x 100 so close for the £100 for first 100 straight

DW Woods 97 x 100

S Bate 96 x 100

We appreciate your support for the club



August 20th 2017

Warwickshire, Staffordshire & Oxfordshire County Championships

Joint high gun Marcus Iddon & Mark Knibbs 21 x 24


Warwickshire County Champion  Mark Knibbs 21 x 24

Junior Champion Ben Dingley 19 x 24

Colt Sam Sears 14 x24


Staffordshire County Champion  Darren Wood 19 x 100

Veteran Champion  Graham Wainwright 8 x 24

Oxfordshire County Champion Pete Farrell 19 x 24

Veteran B Frisk & D Reeve tied on 11 x 24

Thanks once again for your support


August 13th 2017

Warwickshire, Derbyshire & Glousestershire Counties UT Championships

Warwickshire County Champion  Mark Knibbs 97 x 100


Veteran Champion Fletcher Watson  92 x 100

Junior Champion Ben Dingley 89 x 100

Colt Champion Sam Sears 81 x 100


Derbyshire County Champion  Roy Ashmore 95 x 100

Veteran Champion Paul Insley 88 x 100


Gloucestershire County Champion Mat Panter 97 x 100

Lady Champion  Sue Tippett  75 x 100


Thank you for your continued support of the club



July 23rd 2017

Leicester & Rutland County ABT Championship

After shoot off between Kevin Borley & David Wright both with 96 x100


County Champion Kevin Borley 96+24+6

David Wright  96+24+5

Senior Champion Dave Hardy 91 x 100

Veteran Champion Kevin Borley



July 9th 2017

UK Helice Championship & Selection Shoot

A great turn out for the UK championship and selection shoot (world) and the weather was very kind to us with hot sunshine.  Nice to see some new faces enjoying this most exciting but challenging discipline.

FB_IMG_1503172542493    FB_IMG_1503173062418

Many thanks to all who shot for their support of our club.



June 17th 2017

Hornsey Wood / Muzzle Loaders

Another great day for the annual muzzle loaders shoot, perfect weather and enjoyed by all.

High Gun S. Perry










June 11th 2017

100 UT Reg Shoot

High Gun kevin Borley 92x100

J Kyriakou 91x100  

JE Lewis 91x100

RJ Sutton 91x100







June 18th 2017

Warwickshire & Oxfordshire ABT Championships

Warks Champion  Mark Knibbs  98 x 100

Veteran Pete Morgan  90 x 100

Junior  Ben Dingley  90 x 100

Colt  Johnathon Knibbs  79 x 100


Oxford Champion  Pete Farrell  91 x 100


Thank you for your continued support of the club



May 28th 2017

HELICE SELECTION SHOOT - European Championships

A perfect day for Helice, nice sunny with a gentle breeze greeted the 43 entries for this the cut off for the European Helice Championship to take place in  Ghedi, Italy June 23/26. To see the 5 teams selected to represent Great Britain click on the BICTSF website, click on FITASC, click on Helice, click on rankings and scroll through the categories.

shoot zz may 28

















2 scores zz may 28




























Some great shooting and congratulations to all that made the teams.

We appreciate your continued support for our shooting ground





May 21st 2017


What a great day, no wind, no rain,  just glorious sunshine all day. A busy day with 13 squads entered.

A superb 99x100 by Kevin Borley

More scores in the 90's that you could shake a stick at....24!!

3 x 50 straights!

24 x 50 straights!

Top County Team - Staffordshire. It went to a shoot off between Hereford and staffordshire who tied on 468 x 500 so team high guns shot off to decide the winning county. Adam Gutteridge did the business for Staffordshire 24 x 25 with Nick Dean 23 x 25 for Hereford.

Area  Champion - Adam Gutteridge

Veteran Champion - Phil Sanders

Ladies Champion - Jess Moore

Junior Champion - Ben Dingley


2may report












21 may 2x report




                   gutterridge photo           LADIES MAY 21 abt county 21 may   THREE BOY 21 MAYben      Congratulations to all County Champions, some really fantastic shooting!

Many thanks to you all for your support of our shooting ground.




 April 30th 2017

 BICTSF Helice Team Selection Shoot for European Championships x 24 targets 

Well what a day! Can only be described as the most testing day for Helice shooters. Strong winds at times blowing targets back towards the shooter or disappearing to the left at an ever-increasing rate of knots. But a great turn out of 41 entries even with the awful weather forecast. 

Even with such conditions we had some great scores recorded:

High Gun T Gridley 24/24

2nd G.H Barker 23/24

3rd Joint H Batt /  M Iddon 22/24

So well done and the European Championship in Italy will be a walk in the park as they say after today :))) 

Thank you to Dren, Marcus, Gareth, Trevor and Keith and all who picked up and clean up at the end of the shoot.


We appreciate your continued support of our shooting ground no matter how much work we put into the ground it would be nothing without our shooters turning up to use the facilities.





April 16th 2017

Staffordshire County ABT Championship

A great turn out for the above championship, with some excellent shooting.

County Champion - Adam Gutteridge 96 x 100

Ladies Champion  - Gill Grealey  82 x 100

Senior Champion  - Dave Winter 92 x 100

Veteran Champion - Richard Wright 95 x 100

Joint High gun Nick Dean / Graham Evans 99 x 100   -    Fantastic shooting!


report 1 16th april group 16th



                                Staffordshire County Winners


16 april county entrants













 Thanks for your continued support of our shooting ground, we put a lot of work in to the ground, but it would be nothing without you the shooters. 





 April 2nd 2017

Staffordshire UT County Championship

We had 8 squads enter on a perfect day for shooting.

Superb shooting by Staffordshire County Champion & High Gun - Adam Gutteridge 97 x 100

Runner up - Graham Wainwright 94 x 100

Senior Champion - James Sutton 90 x 100

Junior Champion -  Harry Sinclair 81 x 100

Ladies Champion - Gill Grealey 73 x 100

Veteran Champion - Graham Wainwright 94 x 100

staffs ut 2 april
























Well done to all the County Champions and to all that put great scores in today. Thank you to all shooters for your continued support of the shooting ground






March 26th 2017

100 ABT Reg 

A much better day for shooting, nice to feel the  sunshine and not too much wind that we've had of late, 32 entries for our ABT shoot.

High Gun  M Stokes 97 x 100

 Phil Rowley  94 x 100

 RJ Sutton      94 x 100


 abt 26 march

 Thank you for support of our shooting ground



March 19th 2017


Another windy day, making shooting interesting!

Leicester & Rutland County Champion  -  Allan Bott

Runner up - Graham Kendrick

Senior Champion  - Graham Kendrick

Veteran Champion - Allan Bott

High Gun - Howard Batt 21 x 24   great shooting with the weather conditions

leic rut helice 19 3march













Many thanks to all for your continued support of our shooting ground




March 5th 2017


Another cold day, but a good turn out for the final of the winter series. Some great shooting over the winter months and the winners are:

1st         Class A    Dick Fletton


1st joint    Class B    Graham Wainwright / John Lewis

2nd        Class B    Nigel Caves


1st         Class C    Phil Rowley

2nd        Class C    Andy Morris

3rd         Class C    Greg Sinclair


1st          Class D    Will Fowdrey

2nd         Class D    Trevor Harvey

3rd          Class D    Tony Clayton


High Gun Chris Tate 97 x 100

Congratulations to all the shooters and our grateful thanks to Express Lyalvale Cartridges for their very generous sponsorship of this series.

 ut 5 march

Many thanks to all our shooters for your continued support of the club



Febrauary 26th 2017


Well to say this was a windy day would be an big understatement more like gale force 9 gale, but a fantastic 6 squads entered.  Many of the targets being taken over the fence, nobody ever said Helice wasn't testing and in this weather very much so! We had a couple of problems with our Elicio automatic traps, thank you for your patience and understanding, its very frustrating for us as we do everything possible  before the shoot to make sure that everything is in order.

Also thank you to the shooters that stayed after the shoot to help pick up.

Very well done to Brain Ward winner of the £100 high gun 17 x24

2nd Howard Batt 16 x 24

3rd joint John Foy / Marcus Iddon / John Nightingale 15 x 24

heice 26 feb










Thank you for your continued support of the shooting ground



Febuary 19th 2017


A great turnout of 8 squads for the final of the ABT winter series, we've seen some great shooting over the series and congratulations to the winners:

1st        Class A    Nigel Caves

1st        Class B    Ray Sutton

2nd       Class B    Nigel Watson

3rd        Class B    Marv Houghton

1st        Class C    Andy Morris

2nd       Class C    John Stephenson

3rd Joint Class C Greg Sinclair / John Lewis


shoot report feb 19 abt final


 Many thanks for your continued support of our shooting ground


January 29th 2017


HELICE 24 targets

27 entries braved the chilly day and enjoyed the days shooting. Thank to Ben Wells for making the excellent video (can be see under 29/1/17 shoot report on club facebook. It shows what Helice is all about and hopefully encourage some more shooters to try this testing but exciting discipline.

heice 26 feb










Many thanks for your continued support our shooting ground.



January 15th 2017


Nice to see more youngsters trying ABT promote more young shooters as a club under 19's (targets only) shoot free of charge

High Gun: Joint Nigel Caves & Ray Sutton  96x100

3rd J. Griffin 92x100

Great shooting on a cold January day   

Thank you to all that took part for your continued support of the club





Hope it will be a fantastic year for you all with lots of great shooting :)

Our 1st Shoot of the year - January 1st 2017 - UT Express Lyalvale 3 of 5 winter series 

(best of 4 to count)

Thank you to all for turning out on a cold, wet, windy New Years day, certainly blew the cobwebs and thick heads away!!

High Gun: Matt Panter 91x100

2nd Dick Fletton 86x100

3rd Joint Steve Parker & Jamie Sutton 84x100

Great shooting Matt considering the weather and light conditions

January Shoots : January 15th 100 ABT Express Lyalvale Winter Series 

January 29th:  24 Helice


2017-01-03 18.04.58

Many thanks again for supporting our club





December 18th 2016

100 ABT Express Lyalvale Winter Series

We had 6 squads enter our shoot today, shooting on two of our three covered layouts. Not a bad day for this time of the year after the early morning fog lifted.

High Gun: Andy Morris 97x100

2nd RJ Sutton 95x100

3rd MM Houghton 94x100

Great shooting and nice to see Andy back to his old form

Dec 18th ABT

Thank you shooters for your continued support of the club.




December 11th 2016

Helice Christmas Shoot

We had a great turn out for our Helice shoot with 6 squads on a good day, chilly but bright with only a slight breeze.

Christmas Cup was won by John Nightingale  19x 24

2nd Michelle Conway 18x24

3rd J Foy 18x24

Great to see so many of the Helice shooters enjoying their winter shooting, again some new faces trying this great discipline

for the first time and  very positive feed back from them.

Christmas Helice

Thank you to all shooters for your continued support of the club.



December 4th 2016

100 UT Express Lyavale Winter Series/Christmas Shoot

We were lucky again to have a bright sunny day, although a cold wind  a bonus at this time of the year, this was our last UT shoot before Christmas, welcome to the new faces that came to the shoot today and the nice comments from them at the end of the shoot

High Gun: Ray Sutton 93x100 Very well shot Ray

2nd R Fletton 91x100

3rd PG Rowley 90x100

Many thanks to shooters for your support of our club.




November 27th 2016

100 ABT, a chilly but dry and bright day - bonus at this time if the year. Nice to see some new and old faces.

High Gun: John Winn 95 x100 ...  Great Shooting John

2nd NJ Caves 93x100

3rd MM Houghton 93x100

Thank you shooters for your continued support of our club





November 13th 2016   Cambridgeshire & Staffordshire County Helice Championship

Well for November day we were very lucky to have a lovely sunny weather for our shoot  the Cambridgeshire & Staffordshire County Championships. Great scores put in by Ian Hull, Marcus Iddon and Andy Lloyd all with 23 x 24. It was the first time Ian has shot Helice so guess he may be hooked now too!

Staffordshire Champion: I Hull  23 X 24

Junior Champion: J  Brealey  17 X 24

Veteran Champion: RD Wright  9 x 24


Cambridgeshire Champion: K Flitton  20 x 24

Ladies Champion: M Conway  19 x 24

Veteran Champion: T Jones  18 x 24

Another great days shooting enjoyed by all, if you have never tried Helice ( ZZ ) then come along to one of our shoots and give it a go, very much for the shooter that likes something a little different ....but beware.... its very addictive!  


Ian hull     

          Staffordshire Champion  Ian Hull    

          Junior Staffordshire Champion  Jack Brearley



    Cambridgeshire Champion     Kevin Flitton 

    Cambridgeshire Ladies Champion Michele Conway




 Report 13             

Many thanks for your continued support of our club.





October 30th 2016      East Midlands & Nottinghamshire Helice County Championship

East Midlands Champion: Granville Hodgkinson  21 x 24

East Midlands Lady Champion: Jane Bell 16 x 24

East Midlands veteran Champion: John Felce 17 x 24East Midlands Colt champion: Tiernan Goodman 16 x24


Nottingham Helice County Championship

Nottingham County Champion: Granville Hodgkinson 21 x 24

Nottingham Lady Champion: Tracy Miller  10 x 24

Nottingham Veteran Champion: Mick Feather  13 x 24


Granville helice              Jane bell

County Champion ... Granville Hodgkinson                                  Jane Bell Ladies Champion and Granville both looking very happy

Great shooting by all the County shooters and also to Andy Lloyd who also shot a 21 x 24, another enjoyable Helice day :)


 Many thanks to all the shooters for your continued support of our club


October 23rd 2016

First shoot of the Express Lyalvale ABT Winter Series

High Gun:  Nigel Watson 96 x 100  Great Shooting Nigel.


Well done and many thanks for your continued support of the club



October 16th 2016

Gloucester County UT Championship

County Champion M Jones 83 x100   Well Shot


Many thanks to you all for your continued support of our club

* This shoot was also the start of the Express Lyalvale UT Winter Series




October 2016    Cairo Egypt ....World Helice Championships

After a lot of debating whether to go or not because of the situation in Egypt, so pleased I did as it turned out to be the best World Championships ever. We were so well looked after, the hotel was amazing and we sat eating breakfast with the pyramids just behind us! The shooting facilities were fantastic and we were made to feel very welcome. Our GBR shooters came home with a haul of cups and medals - team and individual and memories of the event that will last forever.

Well done to the organisers, you must have put so much work and organising such an outstanding event.

October 1st 2016

We held a practise Helice Day, as it was just a few days before the World Championships in Cairo it was  useful to get a bit of practise in. Also a friend Andy Sharp who now lives in Florida and was over here visiting, got off the overnight flight and drove straight down to Rugby to try out Helice....he's now hooked!



September 18th 2016

100 UT Leicester & Rutland County Championship

A great shoot, good light and just very gentle wind. High gun after shoot off between A class John Grice & B class Nigel Watson

John Grice 96 +23 +2

Nigel watson 96 + 23 = 1

Great shooting!



Well done and many thanks to you all for your continued support of the club







  A great day for the UK Helice  Championship, the weather was quite kind apart from an odd shower. We had 41 entries including two shooters from Dallas USA -  Michael Higgins and Ryan Smith and Sophie Leinard  from Belgium who is quite a regular at our shooting ground now. Its great to see visitors coming to our grounds here in the Uk.

We had worked hard leading up to the event to make sure everything would hopefully run smoothly, which it did apart from having to change one trap.

Congratulations and Great shooting by Super Veteran Ivor Dadswell to take the Championship with a 21/24. USA visitor Ryan  Smith also shot a 21/24

                                                                               ivor uk champ


Class results:


1st     Sophie Leinard 19/24

2nd    Caroline Marshall 18/24                                  

3rd     Jane Bell  16/24ladies uk champ

Juniors :

1st    Charles Pomfret   20/24

2nd   Fletcher King  17/24

3rd    Mason Rickard  11/24


junior corrected


1st    Mal Grant           20/24

2nd   Alasdair  Williams 19/24 

3rd    Andy Lloyd         19/24  -  after shoot off


seniors uk champ


1st  Cliff Goodwin  18/24         sorry, no photo's as some of the shooters had left the ground

2nd Bob Arnold      18/24   

3rd  Brian Ward      16/24     


Super Veterans:

1st   Ivor Dadswell   21/24

2nd  Chris Potter     20/24

3rd   Peter Croft      18/24


super vets lightenedScores Report

scores uk        buckle ok

 The club awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Belt Buckles and we have received so many nice comments about them, thank you. Its nice to have something a little bit different for you to win and keep as a reminder of the day.   Our very grateful thanks go to Jeff Tyler who very kindly engraved all the buckles for us and a great job he made of doing them.

Also thanks to Bob Arnold who kindly offered to bring a couple of spare traps in case we needed them, fortunately we only had use one of our own spares, but nice to have the backup should we have needed them.

The certificates for the European Championships 2016 held  in Lazio, Italy  were given out, well done to all the team members who represented our country at this event.

My sincere thanks to Keith for all the work leading up to the shoot and all the work he puts into the club, as normal he was up at the ground most days doing all the endless  jobs that need doing. Also my thanks  to  Dren and Trevor for all their help in making the shoot run smoothly, I appreciate all the help given to the club.

So just to say well done to you all and thank you for your continued support of the club.                                                                                                                





Shoot 21st August 2016  - Helice Selection Shoot

39 Entries

Well although it was middle August by the weather we could have been in November, very testing shooting conditions with gusty high winds and ever-changing light conditions. But some good scores considering and many congratulations to  Alan Rowley who defied all odds and  put in a great score of 22 to take High Gun

Alan Rowley - 22 x 24

Peter Croft  -   21 x 24

John Foy    -    20 x 24  - after a shoot off  with  Marcus Iddon

Again many thanks to all shooters for your continued support of the club.    




 Shoot 24th August 2016  - Warwickshire, Hereford & Worcestershire County U.T. Championships

29 Entries

Warwickshire County UT Champion - John Lewis  92 x 100

Hereford & Worcester County UT Champion - Rod Davies 89 x100

High Gun - Kevin Borley 97x 100

Good shooting lads and thank you to all for your continued support to the club





On Saturday we kicked off the weekend in lovely warm sunshine,  holding the  'The 2016 Hornsey Wood Pigeon Match' for the 4th year for the muzzle loaders.  The shoot was 20 Helice targets, the event was organised by Clare Mills & Martin Crix and thoroughly enjoyed by all the 28 shooters who took part.

The shooters used  a variety of muzzle loaders - flint lock & percusion black powder.

Due to muzzle loaders having very little if any choke it is shot at 20 metres and not the normal 26 metres for Helice.

The winner was Ian Hall with a great score of 14x20

The smoke is slowly clearing from the ground!

    FB_IMG_1469638346689    FB_IMG_1469638353257



Sunday 24th July

Again a beautiful summers day for the Leicester & Rutland ABT County Championship Shoot - 36 shooters entered, but rather disappointing only 7 shooters to take part in the County Championship.  Very well done  Kevin Borley  winning the County Championship with a score of 92x100.

Overall high gun Marcus Iddon shooting a fantastic 25-24-24-24 =97x100 well done Marcus, great shooting!

Good to see a couple of Juniors shooting and taking advantage of our 'shoot birds only free' we need to encourage the youngesters coming into the sport and as a club we try to do our best to help.

If anyone has any photo's of the shoot and would like to share them please e mail to John and they can be put on with this report.

Another enjoyable days shooting and thank you to you all for your continued support to the club.