Leicester & Rutland ABT County Championship September 15th 2019

A lovely sunny day for the 6 squads that shot the ABT today.  Results in the contest for the Leicester & Rutland County Championship:

 Veteran and County Champion:  Peter Boden 94 x 100

Senior County Champion: Darren Judson 79 x 100

Colts County Champion: Rory Richardson 79 x 100 

Sadly no ladies medals were contested.

Congratulations and great shooting by all the County winners.

                                       Open competition

  1st Kevin Gill 95 x 100

2nd Peter Boden 94 x 100

3rd Wayne Killian 93 x 100

Fantastic shooting lads, very done to many of the shooters quite a few in the 90's Sincere thanks to all our shooters for your loyal support of our club and we look forward to seeing you sometime hopefully in the near future.

 Next Shoot - September 22nd Lincolnshire Helice County Championship. A good opportunity for Helice shooters to get  some practice in before heading over to Rome at beginning of October for the WORLD HELICE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Warwickshire County Universal Trench Championship September 8th 2019

Colt takes Warwickshire County Championship

After an early chilly and frosty start to the day it turned out to be very pleasant and quite warm in the sun for the 6 squads we had enter and they put in some good scores for the Warwickshire County UT Championship.

Congratulations to Ben Killian taking County and Colt Championship with a score of 92 x 100 + 24

Runner up and Veteran Champion Fletcher Watson 92 x 100 + 21.

Colts Runner up: Jonti Spilman 84 x 100

Junior Champion: Ben Dingley 83 x 100

Senior Champion: Wayne Killian 91 x 100

Senior Runner up: Chris McReynolds 87 x 100

Veteran Runner up: John Lewis 90 x 100

Competition High Gun after shoot off: Dave Hardy 94 x 100 + 25

Runner up: Peter Boden 94 x 100 + 23

Impressive shooting by many shooters, very well done to you all. Many thanks to all the shooters for your continued support of our shooting ground, always appreciated and good to see new and old faces enjoying our facilities. To encourage youngesters into the sport we allow under 21's to shoot free of charge for birds only and if they want they can pay a supplement to enter the competition, this applies to all the disciplines.

Practise on Wednesday's from 11am - 4pm for UT and ABT

Next shoot: September 15th  Leicester and Rutland ABT Championship

September 22nd Lincolnshire Helice Championship 

Warwickshire & Derbyshire County Helice Championship August 25th 2019

Summer returned with a beautiful hot day in time for the Warwickshire & Derbyshire County Helice Championship, although it was a disappointing turn out. Being the bank holiday and some of our Helice shooters over in France for the Le Touquet we ended up with ten shooters for the Warwickshire and two for Derbyshire championship. A total of fifteen shooters, however those that did take part enjoyed the day.

Richard Williams - High Gun (b/0)and Warwickshire & Senior County Champion: 23 x 24  Congratulations Richard superb shooting! 

Wayne Killian, Ben Killian ( comp )  & Donovan Jenkin (b o) all on 21 x 24 

Ben Killian - Colts- Warwickshire County Champion: 21 x 24

Ben Dingley -Junior-Warwickshire County Champion 19 x 24

John Lewis- Veteran- Warwickshire County Champion 17 x 24

Gary Webster -Derbyshire County Champion 15 x 24

Bryan Ward-Veteran Derbyshire County Champion 10 x 24 

Some great shooting and very well done to all county champions and non county shooters who put good scores in.

Many thanks to all our shooters for your continued  support of our shooting ground.

Next Shoot: September 8th Warwickshire UT Championship