Warwickshire & Lincolnshire Helice County Championship 26th July 2020

We had 33 shooters on what was a rather windy day, although we escaped the torrential rain that parts of the country encountered. 

We hosted the  Warwickshire and Lincolnshire Helice Championship.High Gun was a joint tie between Jonti Spilman and Trevor Hawkins 19 x 24 and both shooters taking their County Championship. Great shooting lads and worthy winners.

Warwickshire Results:

County & Junior Champion -  Jonti Spilman 19 x 24 

Bryan Ward:  Veteran Champion 18 x 24

Ben Killian:  Colt Champion 17 x 24

Wayne Killian:  Senior Champion 16 x 24

Lincolnshire Results:

County & Senior Champion - Trevor Hawkins 19 x 24 

Donovan Jenkin: Veteran Champion 18 x 24

Richard Gray: Super Veteran 9 x 24

Caroline Hawkins: Ladies 7 x 24 

Well done to you all good shooting.

We have social distancing measures & hand sanitizer in place for the safety of our shooters, please adhere to these measures for everyones safety from the Covid19 virus .Many thanks to all our shooters, we appreciate your support and help at end of the shoot and look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.

ABT Oxford Championship & Open Shoot - 19th July 2020

ABT Re-opening Shoot

The sun shone with a slight cross wind to welcome a great turnout for the Oxford Championship and our first ABT Open Shoot after reopening.

Congratulations to Stuart King taking the Oxford & Senior championship 89 x 100 and Steve Richards Veteran Champion 88 x 100.

Open Shoot:

Joint High Gun:

Simon Wainwright & Howard Batt 96 x 100

 Nigel Caves: 94 x 100

Darren Wood: 93 x 100

Ian Hull: 92 x 100

Graham Carter: 91 x 100

Top lady shooter: Anne Philips 89 x 100

Great shooting, well done to you all.  Many thanks for your continued support of our club and also to those who stayed behind to help clear up, we really do appreciate any help we get. Look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. 



Re-opening of shooting ground

We started shooting again this week after many weeks of lock down due to the COVID 19 virus. It was good to see 7 squads turn up and enjoy their days shooting.The weather was warm, but very windy making for some testing targets.

High Gun: Jonti Spilman 94x100

Fantastic shooting by a junior and well done on High Gun Jonti.

Class A 1st: Graham Evans 93 x 100

Joint Class B 1st: Nigel Caves 91 x 100 &

 Graham Wainwright 91 x 100

Joint 2nd: Andy LLoyd 90 x 100 &

Ted Phillipson 90 x 100 &

Phil Rowley 90 x 100

Joint 1st Class C Graham Carter 89 x 100 & Steve Parker 89 x 100

Class D 1st: Will Fowdrey 89 x 100

2nd: Geoff Mace 84 x 100 

Well done to you all some great shooting and look forward to seeing again soon. Thank you for your support of our shooting ground, it is always very much appreciated.


Solware Helice Winter Series Final


Congratulaions to our winners of the Helice shoots, very well done to High Gun  BEN DINGLEY 22/20/18 some great shooting over the winter with some testing weather conditions. Close on his heels 

2nd Tim Jones 20/18/13

3rd Alex Smith 17/20/11

Great shooting lads and look forward to presenting you all with your prizes and certificates as soon as we re-open again.

To all our friends in the shooting world, we hope that the Corona crisis won't be as long as being predicted at the present time, but rest assured that we will be up and running as soon as possible. In the mean time we hope that you will all stay safe and well. 


March 8th 2020

We had 6 squads for the last in the Solware Winter Series, it was a spring like day with plenty of sunshine, but a stiff breeze which made for some tricky shooting, but still had some good scores put in. As we were running late the presentation for this series and prizes will be given at the Helice shoot on March 22nd.

Joint High Gun: Liz Turner & Rob Mulliner 19/24 

Closely followed by: Ben Dingley & Andy Stratford 18/24

and hot on their heels: Jenson King & Michele Conway 18/24

Very well done to you all and a great return to Helice from Liz & Rob, who have been busy away running their business for a while and not able to make the shoots, what a great come back!

We would like to thank Ben Dingley for making our new podium, a really great job Ben and we very much appreciate your time and  kindness.

To all of you that help us,  we as always appreciate it very much. 





March 1st 2020

We were lucky after all the rain in recent weeks to have a sunny start to the day, however later in the day a stiff breeze developed, but a much better day than we have had during the week. The breeze made for some tricky targets, but there were still some great scores

Open Competition Results:

Jonti Spilman (Junior)  High Gun 97 x 100

Including a 50 straight, fantastic shooting Jonti!

2nd:  Dick Fletton 94 x 100 

Joint 3rd:  Chris Tate & JJ Reilly 93 x 100 

Well done great shooting lads. 


SEE FULL RESULTS BELOW, great shooting over the series and we were pleased to present the winners with the cartridges very kindley donated by Solware. Thank you to all that took part in our UT Winter Series, we have seen some really good scores put in over the shoots and very worthy winners. 

Many thanks to all our shooters for your continued support of our shooting ground and also for the help we are given, we really do appreciate it.


4th UT Solware Winter Series

February 2nd 2020

A good turn out of 7 squads for the penultimate of the UT Solware Winter Series and what a fantastic shoot it was, with a three way shoot off for high gun. Quite a good day for time of year with a bit of sun and clouding over in afternoon and light wind certainly kept shooters on their toes with some great scores.  After shoot off:

High Gun: Wayne Killian 96x100 +25+1

2nd: Chris Tate 96x100+23+0

Jonti Spilman 96x100+21

Congratulations and fantastic shooting Wayne and very well done Chris and Jonti . Good to see young Jonti up there in the top scores again, we have some really talented youngesters regularly  shooting at the club, which is so good for the sport and we are always keen to encourage them, if there is a future for the sport eventually it lies with these youngsters.

Close behind those in the shoot off were Phil Rowley 94x100

Chris Darvell 93x100 and Marvin Houghton,Phil Sanders and Ray Sutton 92x100 well done to you all.

Many thanks to all our shooters for your support of our shooting ground, we appreciate your loyality and also for all the help we are given, it really is a huge help particularly at the end of a busy day.

NEXT SHOOT: FEBRUARY 9th 4th ABT Solware Winter Series

FEBRUARY 16th 3rd Solware Winter Series

Booking by Text 07770551491or email [email protected] or and please include CPSA number

Look forward to seeing you sometime very soon

2nd Solware Helice Winter Series

January 26th 2020

Wintery weather returned after a lovely day last week, for our 2nd Helice Solware Winter Series with a cold start to the day turning to rain showers and windy at lunchtime! We had 26 shooters brave the weather. Three of our younger shooters ending up in the top four. 

Winner:  Colt Ben Killian 21 x 24 Fantastic shooting Ben.

Joint 2nd: Ben Dingley, Jonti Spilman & Alex Smith 20 x24  Very well done to you all. 

Five on 19 x 24 Frank Gammon, Mal Grant, Carl Miles, Alan Rowley & Fletcher Watson considering the weather conditions these were great scores as the wind was taking some targets over the fence.

We tried out the new timing rule part of the  new rules bought out by FITASC Paris, we have emailed a copy of these rules to all shooters on our mailing list, they are also on the BICTSF website. These rules will be used at the European and World Championships, so it is helpful that we get used to them in advance.


Our sincere thanks to all shooters for your continued support of our shooting ground and to all who help us it really is greatly appreciated. 


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  • helice 2020


January 19th 2020

What started off as a very cold day with heavy frost, later turned out to be lovely and sunny with no wind and in the sun very pleasant, what a bonus at this time of the year. We had 6 squads for the 3rd of the Solware Winter Series. We were pleased to welcome our sponsor Carl Harlow from Solware and again thank him for his very generous sponsorship.

HIGH GUN: DAVE HARDY 96 X 100 Great shooting Dave, starting and finishing with a 25 straight. 

2nd: NIGEL CAVES 95 X 100 


Closely followed by RAY SUTTON & STEVE RICHARDS 93 X 100

Congratulations to you all good shooting lads 


Thanks as always for your continued support of our shooting ground and for the help that many of you give us we really do appreciate it.

3rd SOLWARE UT Winter Series January 3rd 2020

Solware UT Winter Series

We started of 2020 with our winter series UT and the weather was very mild for time of the year and made for good shooting conditions. There was a good turn out of 8 squads and some great shooting with two 50 straights and 13 25 straights. Kevin Borley started off with a 50 straight and Phil Sanders finishing on one, so some really good scores by many - well done to you all!

Joint High Gun: Kevin Borley and Chris Tate 98 x 100

Phil Sanders 96 x 100

Howard Batt & Nigel Caves 94 x 100

Ray Sutton & Peter Waller 93 x 100



Pease can we remind you when booking on by text or email to let us have your CPSA number, as it saves us having to look it up every time, which you can appreciate is time consuming particularly when we have a lot of entries. 

Many thanks for your continued support of our shooting ground always appreciated.

TRAP FEST 22nd December 2019

Well here we are at the end of 2019 and again we held our pre Christmas Trap Fest, this consisted of  25 UT 25ABT & 10 Helice.  A really fantastic atmosphere and by the comments we have had enjoyed by many.

It all ended with a thrilling shoot off between father and son Wayne & Ben Killian with young Ben taking the title!  Congratulations Ben

Ben Killian: 25+23+9 =57 + 23

Wayne Killian 23+25+9=57 + 20

R Fletton SM Richards & PG Rowley all so close behind on 56

Well done to you all and good to see shooters enjoying the different disciplines that they may not normally shoot and shooting them very well indeed!

As is tradition at the Trap Fest we held a raffle and many shooters giving contributions. We are donating £5 from every entry to the charity that we support Air Ambulance and that £5 x 48 = £240 along with the £175 from the raffle makes a total of £415, many thanks to all who donated to the raffle, very much appreciated. 

We thank all our shooters for supporting us for another year and for all the help that we have had from so many during the year, we appreciate any help we get and never take it for granted.

Look forward to seeing you all in 2020 and wish you good health and great shooting in the year ahead.

2nd ABT Solware Winter Series 15th December 2019

Many Thanks to Solware for sponsoring our Winter Series

A chilly start to the day welcomed the 6 squads who took part in this shoot. Cloudy skies made for some tricky light to shoot in later in the day.

High Gun: Dick Fletton 95 x 100 Great Shooting Dick!

Joint second: Graham Evans & Ray Sutton 92 x 100

Dave Hardy & Nigel Caves 91 x 100

Good shooting lads

Good to see so many of our regular shooters and welcome to anyone visiting our shooting ground for the fist times, we always new shooters.

Many thanks to all that helped out during and after the shoot, we appreciate your help and its never taken for granted.


10 Helice - 25 UT & 25 ABT

Raffle to raise funds for Air Ambulance, over the years we have raised a considerable amount for this very worthy cause. If you would like to bring something to put in the raffle it would be very much appreciated. 


2nd Solware UT Winter Series December 1st 2019

UT Solware Winter Series

A really bitterly cold but sunny day greeted the 8 squads shooting in the 2nd in the series of the UT Solware Winter Series.  

Joint High Gun: Jonti Spilman , Ben Killian (Colts) & Dick Fletton (Veteran) 95 x 100

Closely followed by Ben Dingley 93 x100

Great shooting by many in such cold conditions. Also fantastic to see the young shooters putting winning scores on such a regular basis across the 3 disciplines that we shoot at Rugby. Jonti, Ben & Ben represented GB in the Helice World Championship in Rome this year, where they got silver for the team and Jonti a Gold and Silver individual medals, very well done and they are all a real credit to the shooting fraternity! 

Many thanks to all for your continued support of our shooting ground and also for the help that we get in clearing up etc it's very much appreciated.  

1st Solware Helice Winter Series & Notts & Cambridge County Championship 24/11/19

  • exported cam notts helice.jpg
  • notts cambridge helice

A bit of a misty day greeted the 5 squads, but nice and calm a bonus particularly for helice, however a shower or two in the afternoon making the visibility tricky at times.

 There were three shooters in joint place for high gun, Colt: Jonti Spilman, Junior: Ben Dingley and Mal Grant 22 x 24  Great shooting lads!

Hot on their heels was Kevin Flitton 21 x 24 and it was great to welcome Kevin back on the helice scene, following up were Tim Jones, Phil Negus and Jane Bell (BO) all on 20 x 24  Well done to you all.

Cambridge Championship Results: 

County & Senior Champion: Kevin Flitton 21 x24

Ladies Joint Veteran Champion: Jane Bell 20 x 24

Veteran(Joint) Champion: Tim Jones & Jane Bell 20 x 24 

Nottinghamshire County Championship Results:

County & Veteran Champion: Gordon Hodgkinson 19 x 24

Senior Champion: Granville Hodgkinson 18 x 24

No Ladies or Junior entries 

Many thanks to International Helice referee Andrew Oakey for doing an excellent job. Good to see so many shooters wait for the prize giving, lots of good natured banter, we know some of our shooters travel a long way to the shoots and obviously they have to get away, but nice when some are able to stay and applaud the winners.  Also thanks to all the shooters for your continued support of our club and for the help that we get in clearing up etc, very much appreciated. 


Entries including your CPSA number to: [email protected] or text 07770551491 - NO PHONE CALLS please.  

1st SOLWARE ABT Winter Series November 17th 2019

We kicked of the Solware ABT winter series with a bit of a misty start to the day, but quite calm and dry so a bonus after all the rain we have had over the past few weeks. Visibility was a little tricky at times, but still some good scores from the 7 squads we had for the first of ABT series.

High Gun: Marvin Houghton 97 x 100 Great shooting including two 25 straights.

 2nd: Dick Fletton 95 x 100

3rd: Ray Sutton 94 x 100

4th: Joint Graham Evans & John Lewis 93 x 100

Well done to you all and to all the shooters that put good scores in including quite few with 25 straights.

Many thanks to you all for your support of our shooting ground and to the shooters that help us clearing up etc, it is very much appreciated.


*£15 discount for all Juniors U19 & Colts. We do this to encourage the youngesters into our sport we need to keep the sport growing.

Entries including your CPSA number to: [email protected] or text 07770551491 - NO PHONE CALLS please.



1st SOLWARE UT WINTER SERIES November 3rd 2019

The day started off with mist, but the sun appearing by midmorning and then later the visibility declining due to the drizzle moving in after lunch. However the weather didnt put off several shooters putting in high scores.

HIGH GUN: Dick Fletton 98/100

2nd: Chris McReynolds & Phil Rowley 97/100

Well done lads, great shooting!

Next Shoot: November 17th 2019 1st SOLWARE ABT WINTER SERIES


Good to see new and regular shooters enjoying their shooting and thank you to you all for your support of our shooting ground, always appreciated.

Oxford County Helice Championship October 27th 2019

For the end of October we were very lucky to have a lovely warm sunny day with just a slight breeze, as we hosted the Oxford County Helice Shoot. We had six squads take part and some great shooting by many shooters.

 Junior Jonti Spilman taking competition top spot again, we have a lot of talented junior shooters and its so good to see them shooting so well.

High Gun Jonti Spilman 21/24 & Alan Rowley 21/24 (B/O)  -  great shooting lads.

Hot on their heels were Steve Cox 20/24 and tying for 3rd place Trevor Hawkins & Alex Smith 19/24.

Oxford County results: Congratulations to you all.

Oxford County Champion : Steve Cox 20/24 

Silver: Stuart King 18/24

Bronze: P. Farrell 17/24

Many thanks for your support of our shooting ground and great appreciation to all who stayed behind to help clear up and put equipment away.

Next Shoot: Start of our Winter Series November 3rd UT

Very kindly Sponsored by Solware Ltd, Unit 1 Tame Valley Business Centre, Magnus, Tame Valley Industrial Estate,                                                                                                                Wilnecote. Tamworth Staffordshire B77 5BY      Telephone 01827 215 222


West Midlands County & Area ABT Championship October 20th 2019

We had a fantastic 12 full squads enter these championships, although a very busy day for the team running the shoot it was a great atmosphere and many shooters putting in really high scores both in the open shoot and the championship.

We had three shooters on 96 x 100 - Kevin Borley, Dave Hardy and Matt Panter.

Closely followed up by Paul Gowrie and Matt Jones on 95 x 100 - Congratulations to you all.

Well done Gloucester taking the team event with Cheshire runner up and Hereford and Worcester in third position. See below for all results. There were many 25 straights inluding Kevin Borley with three and our local Junior Ben Dingley. Great shooting by so many. Thank you for the shooters that stayed behind to help clear up, it was very much appreciated particularly at the end of a very long day. As always many thanks to all shooters for your continued support of our club, we never take your loyality for granted.

Next Shoot: Oxford County Helice Championship - October 27th

***When texting or emailing to enter a shoot please remember to include your CPSA  number, as it saves a lot of time for us to look up every shooters number, which have to be included when returning the scores to CPSA.

Many thanks to SOLWARE GUNS TAMWORTH tel: 01827215222 who are very kindly sponsoring our Winter Series.


Oxford, Leicestershire & Rutland County UT Championship - October 13th 2019

Rather changeable weather greeted the shooters for these Championships, starting of dry then turning to light showers in the afternoon and the wind pushing the targets on and later visiblity declining, but some shooters putting in really good scores.

High Gun: David Wright 94 x 100 - Congratulation  good shooting David.

Runner Up: Darren Wood 93 x 100 Just one bird behind  Darren also good shooting.

Dave Hardy & Fletcher Watson  90 x 100 Well done all of you.

See below for County and Open shoot scores.

Many thanks for your support of our club, always appreciated. We still have some shooters that have shot with us for over 30 years  when we first set up and we have never taken your loyal support for granted. 

Lincolnshire Helice County Championship September 22nd 2019

It was a day of many variants of weather sun, rain and wind as we held the second Lincolnshire Helice County Championship and when we had rain  the light became very poor, but we still had some great scores!

Junior Alex Horton won the County and Junior Championship 20 x 24  Congratulations Alex very well shot and great to see a junior taking the championship.

Jackie Houghton Ladies County Champion 13 x 24.

Trevor Hawkins Senior County Champion 19 x 24

Marvin Houghton Veterans County Champion 18 x 24

Richard Gray Super Veteran 16 x 24 

Great shooting and congratulations to you all. 


Ben Killian 23 x 24

Wayne Killian 22 x 24

Andy Stratford & Alistair Williams 21 x 24

Well done to all a lot of high scores considering the poor light as time went on and the varying wind, but congratulations must go to Junior Ben Killian shooting 23 x 24 (beating his Dad by one target!) and the one that got away he hit first barrel only to have the witness drop over the fence. It really is fantastic to see a  junior shooting so well and leading the way against shooters that have been taking part in (what some would say) this the most difficult form of shotgun shooting for many years. Ben along with Jonti Spilman and Ben Dingley will be heading out to Rome next week to represent GBR in the World Helice Championships as the GBR Junior team. We wish all the shooters in our GBR teams heading out to Italy the very best of luck and to all the shooters taking part hope you have a great trip a bring back lots of medals. 

Once again many thanks for your support of our shooting ground, never taken for granted and very much appreciated.